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Our company was established in 2001 we have a team of very experienced principals and demolition staff to offer  the best service available. Demolition services is one of the core services along with Concrete work, debris box service and general clean up based on T & M. Thus, we bring to your needs a complete focus and expertise. Our staff background includes innovative, problem solving and extensive experience in all demolition work.

The E & F Demolition principals have a combined 30 years of experience and legacy of job performance we enjoy a reputation as superior demolition contractors- often seen as being the leader in the field through our innovation and problem- solving skills.

We pride ourselves on meeting your project specifications and diligently strive to deliver our work within your time schedule. We provide robust, state- of- the- art management controls, cost effectiveness, proven compliance with government regulations, the right equipment for the job and the legacy of our past projects.

Additionally, we have an uncompromising commitment to safety. All told, our track record, thousands of hours of expertise, commitment to quality and timeliness, and closeness of working with you make us the best choice for your internal demolition work.

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